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Getting Ready for High School

8th Graders... this year will fly by...

Although most of you will join the Middleborough High School family and become Sachems, some of you may be looking to pursue your high school education elsewhere. The Counseling Department is here to help you navigate this application process.

The MOST IMPORTANT things for ALL 8th graders to do are the following:

  • COME TO SCHOOL and maintain good attendance;
  • TRY YOUR BEST and keep your grades up;
  • BE RESPECTFUL and stay out of trouble so you can submit a clean discipline report!

Applications for ALL schools look at these things when considering you for admission. If you can maintain these three things, you will be in great shape when it’s time for schools to make their decisions.

Additionally, Middleborough High School receives these records and these things can affect whether you remain eligible for things like sports and extracurricular activities.