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School Overview

In memoriam to

John "Tiger" Nichols, Jr.

who served as the committee chairperson and whose name is honored by the

John T. Nichols, Jr. Middle School

The John T. Nichols Middle School is named in honor of John T. Nichols, Jr., who served the school system for twenty-five years on the School Board with twenty of those years as the Chairman.

The School Committee Recognition awards for 1997. Each year the school committee recognizes those who have made significant contributions to the cause of local education.

John "Tiger" Nichols, Jr.

For over twenty-five years, John Tiger Nichols, Jr. set the standard for town officials. As a member of the school committee since 1972 and serving as chairman for twenty plus years, "Tiger" Nichols provided the local electorate the leadership they supported and sought. Loved and cherished, Tiger represented all that we aspire to be and all that we should be! Possessing a humility which would not allow him to put self interest before service to others, John T. Nichols, Jr. exemplified the public's model of integrity, honesty and high moral standard.

The community was stunned by Tiger's decision not to stand for election. However, as usual, Tiger knew more than his constituents. Due to rapidly deteriorating health, Middleborough would be confronted with the burden of committing to memory a life dedicated to family, God and country. On June 26th, the town came together to bid farewell to a father, friend and community leader. Tiger Nichols would be gone, but his memory will live on in the many deserving memorials in his honor. The most notable, the state-of-the-art John T. Nichols, Jr. Middle School scheduled to open in September of 1999. It was fitting and appropriate that Middleborough enter the dawn of the new Millennium with a monument to a man who made a tremendous impact in the previous century.


 Middleborough Native

Middleborough School Graduate

UMass Amherst, Bachelor's Degree

U.S. Air Force Commission (Nineteen Years of Service)

Loving Husband and Father;

Athlete, Coach and Sportsman;

Community Leader and Businessman;

School Committee: 1972-1997

Chairman: 1977-1997

Vice Chairman: 1975-77

He shared with all an unselfish commitment!

He gave totally to all who came to him!

He had a passion to serve!

He had a passion for love!